28 May 2009

Animation (requires concentration)

After completion of filming and compiling edited footage into a working track, animation has begun on image sequences of each section.

1 Demo workout
3 tracks = 7.5min warm-up + 4min workout + 5.5min warm-down =17min total
34 sections
19 unique movements, each a few seconds long
A few million hours of animation

Animation is moving at a painstakingly slow pace. A 30 second clip took me 4 days to complete. Each sequence is considerably shorter - maybe 8 seconds each, which are repeated as many as 12 times in a track. However, there are 19 unique movements, so this should make less work. But because you do not naturally return to a set position between sequences, there is the problem of matching up the movements with the movement that came before... thus creating extra twiddling work in between.

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