01 June 2009

Zumba Fitness from Guthy-Renker Europe

Uh-oh. Too many fitness systems on the market. And they all claim to be the 'best' way to achieve results.
Fortunately I've stumbles across Zumba, and bless this day as it may well change my life, as it literally promises miracles. It obviously works though, there is photographic evidence of case studies to 'prove' the product works (and this could be me in just a few weeks!); it's got secret fat-melting routines and a 3-zone targeting technique, I WILL get those flat abs I always wanted but never thought I'd have, all with the help of the gorgeous hunk Mr. Bento, who wants to 'spice up my body' (ick!) And look at those rattle toning sticks - ooh and they are FREE! What a fantastic offer. And they are SO confident in their product that if miracles don't occur and I don't lose a whole jean size I can have my money back (less p&p).

This product throws itself at the key trigger areas of it's target audience: results, ease of access, motivation, finance.
• Case study evidence
• Easily accessable - 'fun and easy to learn'
• Bright, colourful, lively and friendly
• Beautiful people – subliminal message being that you will become more like them if you join in their activities
• Offers of free gizmos and money-back guarantee

For the full horror, visit www.zumbafitness.co.uk

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